How to Use Youtube More Effectively -Tips and Tricks

You might know youtube is a one of the most popular video sharing site.Here we will see how to use youtube more
1.Youtube Movies
We can watch movies on youtube using this link.You can choose movies based on different categories like romance,action,family,horror,Indian cinema €¦etc.

2.Youtube Trends
Here we can watch videos based on trends.We could see videos list by country wise,cities or global.

3.How to Share Videos on Tube.
Watch below video it will help you to share videos on youtube site.

4.Easy way to Download Youtube Videos
If you want to download youtube video just go to youtube url which you want to download the video and type kick before youtube(url)and press enter then it will go to site then popup will come press run and download that’s all.

This site help you to search youtube videos quickly.

Youtube Charts
This link help you to know most popular or viewed videos on youtube based on different categories.

7.How to Embed Youtube videos
If you like to embed youtube videos in blog or website and click embed button which is present below the video then copy and paste html code in your blog html section.

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