JAXB – Convert Large XML to Java Class

Lets assume that you have only a xml file not xsd schema. Here let’s see how to convert a large xml file to java pojo classes which helps to set the values to Entity Classes for easy database insertion/updation.

  1.  Generate XSD from XML file using xsd-gen. Or you can also try Microsoft XSD inference tool is a good, free solution.Many XML editing tools, such as XmlSpy or OxygenXML Editor also have that feature.


2.  Go to jdk../bin. Use xjc tool to generate JAXB classes using below command.

3.   Unmarshal it like below and map to corresponding JAXB class.

4.  Map/Set the JAXB classes to corresponding entity classes for database persistence.

That’s it. Using below comment please let me know if you want any other information.






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