Different Ways to Embed Code Snippet into Your WordPress Blog

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If your blog niche is related to Programming then most of the time you may need to show code in your blog post.If you use default option it won’t look good so you need something which will show your programming code in a readable format.Here I would share different ways to Embed Code Snippet in your wordpress blog.

1.Using WordPress Plugins

Try Syntax Highlighter WordPress Plugin which helps you to easily post syntax-highlighted code to your site/blog without losing it’s formatting.I am also using this plugin.Most of the Programming/Technology related blogs are using this plugin.And this plugin supports all popular languages.Also try plugins like Crayon Syntax Highlighter or Code Snippets.

2. Use GitHub Gists

You may know Github is most popular code repository site.It offers a Gist service which helps to share snippets to others.It also supports all languages.You may try wordpress plugin like Embed GitHub Gist to use Gists into your blog.And if you are not interested to use any plugin you may try this code snippet to achieve the same.

You may also try How to Push Eclipse Project to GitHub.

3. Jsfiddle 

If you want edit/show JavaScript,Html and CSS code in your  wordpress blog then you can try Jsfiddle. It is really useful for web developers.Check here steps about How to embed Jsfiddle otherwise use WP-Fiddle plugin to do the same job.

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If  you know any other way to embed the code into the wordpress blog then use the following comment section.

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