How to Configure Amazon Cloudfront as CDN using W3 Total Cache Plugin

Every Bloggers/Webmasters are interested in optimizing their blog/website to load faster.If you want to get more visitors from Google then definitely your should reduce your blog loading time.Google is considering page loading speed is one of the main factor to determine the quality.It will be useful to increase Pagerank also.I have tried some methods to achieve this same i shared in this post.

Three Important things you need to consider when you want to optimize a blog.

1. Should have Good Hosting Provider

2. Should have Premium/fast loading WordPress  Blog Theme and Only install must have WordPress Plugins.

3. If required use CDN.

W3 Total Cache plugin is a one of the must have plugin which helps for caching and decrease blog loading time.

What is Amazon CloudFront and Amazon S3?

Amazon S3(Simple Storage Service) provides a fully redundant data storage infrastructure for storing and retrieving any amount of data.Amazon CloudFront is some kind of Content Delivery Network (CDN), that takes its data from S3. What actually does is  replicate the S3 data in different locations, so that  When end users request an object using this domain name, they are automatically routed to the nearest edge location for high performance delivery of your content.

Check the post about Open Source Alternative for Amazon S3.

Here we will see How to Configure Amazon Cloudfront as CDN using W3 Total Cache Plugin.

Few Steps involved in this.

1. Create Amazon AWS Account.

2:  To use Amazon CloudFront,You need to store your files on one or more origin servers. Origin servers could be other Amazon Web Services €“ an Amazon S3 bucket, an Amazon EC2 instance, or an Elastic Load Balancer €“ or your own origin server.I have used Amazon S3 Bucket to store my files.

2. Go to W3 Total Cache Performance Accordion.

3.Click General Setting – Enable CDN and Select Amazon CloudFront as CDN.

W3 Total Cache CDN Configuration

4. Then Click CDN Menu and Go to Configuration Section.And Configure  your account Access Key ID,Secret Key

In Origin Click Create Distribution

Now Login Amazon aws account and select Amazon Cloudfront service  

Go here

Click  Distribution link there you can see an entry like below

Amazon CloudFront CDN Configuration


Instead of Above step(W3 Total Cache) you can create distribution in Amazon Cloudfront service  also.

Click Create  DistributionDownload – Create Distribution

Create Distribution


Once you created Click Information Icon and Check the Distribution Status it should be Deployed.

Amazon CloudFront Distribution

Now you go to W3 Total Cache Plugin – CDN – Configuration Section

Configure  Replace site’s hostname with: Your Domain Name

Amazon CloudFront CDN Configuration

W3 Total Cache Plugin asks you to upload files otherwise use Amazon S3 Client to upload your files in s3 bucket.

Note:I already uploaded my files when I Configured Amazon S3 as CDN that time W3 Total Cache asked me upload files to bucket.

That might be the reason I didn’t say anything about How to Upload Static Files to Amazon S3.

Now Click Test CloudFront Distribution Button.

Click Save all Settings.  That’s all.

If you didn’t configure Properly Your WordPress Blog Theme won’t load Properly and you may get some problem.If you want to ask something please use following comment section.

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