WordPress Theme Customization Tips for Beginners

wordpress           WordPress theme customization makes your blog design as you like and it removes unwanted codes in your themes.If you really interested in blogging then definitely you might have simple and professional blog design.If you are ready to buy premium themes like genesis or thesis then you don’t want to spend more time for theme customization because most of the premium themes are comes with configurable

blog design but if you are a part time blogger like me then you may not ready to spend more money for buying those premium themes also find premium theme alternatives.
If you are not a programmer or new to wordpress then below tips really helpful for you.

1.Wordpress theme Backup

                            First step is take backup your current theme because if something went wrong during customization and you don’t have enough time to fix the problem then you quickly revert back your old theme.


2.Note down Code Changes

                              Before you start customization first you should note down what you already done code changes for example.


1.Google Analytics Tracking code.

2.Google webmaster verification.

3.Any WordPress plugin related code changes.

4.Any widget related code changes.


3.Wordpress Theme File Structure
                    You should know basic wordpress theme file structure and What actually each wordpress theme files will do?.
1.style.css – Any design or css related changes like font size,type ..etc.

2.404.php- Page not Found Page.

3.Archive.php – Archive related changes.

4.Footer.php – Any footer related changes.

5.Header.php- Blog logo,meta tags and blog header portion related changes.

6.Single.php- Single Post related changes(This is important file because visitors will land here from google search).

7.Index.php- Starting or main file for your wordpress theme.

8.sidebar.php Blog Sidebar related changes

wordpress theme file structure

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4.Wordpress Theme Functions
You should also aware of some important wordpress theme WordPress theme functions so that it will help you to achieve better customization for your blog.



                  You can compress,clean and optimize css files using following online tools


2.css clean

3.css compressor


6.Install Caching Plugin

Improve your blog performance and user experience via W3 Total Cache Plugin.Most of the popular blogs are using this plugin.It will decrease blog loading time.Check our old post about How to decrease blog loading time


7.W3 Total Cache
Sometimes your customization changes won’t reflect it might be due some caching plugin like w3 total cache.Before you do customization better you deactivate these kind of plugins and you complete customization then activate caching plugins.


8.Test Your Updated Theme with All Browsers

                  Once you completed wordpress theme customization then ensure that your blog design is same in all major browsers like Internet Explorer,Mozilla,Google Chrome because sometimes blog layout will vary in these browsers.

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