Solution for Error 651 in Windows 7/8.1

Here we will see about the error 651 which could occur when you are going to connect broadband through modem. I have faced this error recently in my system. Error 651 is an error which is mainly caused due to Internet Modem connected using Windows PC/Laptop.Following one of the solution may resolve this problem.

Solution 1: 

Step 1:  Go to Windows Run – > Type devmgmt.msc 

Step 2: Above step will open Device Manager windows.

Step 3:  Now select expand Network Adapters Node

Step 4: Right click the Ethernet NIC and Uninstall it.

Step 5: Restart the System.

Network Adapters

Still problem persist then try below steps.

Solution 2:

1. Configure modem once again with username and password given by your ISP Provider.

Solution 3:

Open the command prompt with administrative right. Copy the command given below and hit enter

          netsh int ip reset reset.log 

Now you need to restart your computer and check again.

 Solution 4:

Try this solution from microsoft support.

Solution 5:

               Turn off Auto Tuning Feature in Windows.

Solution 6:

                    Check whether the antivirus is interrupting the connection.Give permissions for that particular application in order to access the internet connection.

I hope any one of the above solution may resolve your problem. If still problem persist,just drop a comment in the below section.


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