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Parents are always looking for safe, fun, and educational online experience for kids.Every parents universally believed that the computer could help their kids learn, they just didn’t have the time or resources to scour the web and find any of this fun, educational content themselves.Check ¬†Educational Games below.
zoodles Zoodles is a web browser designed for use by children.Games are available for Children from 2 years old to eight years old.It is free.It is not only for games it is also for education.It is really free kid friendly web browser and best alternative to Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer.

Check Zoodles
Uptoten   is a really a good website for kids.It is award winning site for kids.Every month it is getting millions of visits from more than 200 countries.
1353 kids games free.
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It is another very good site for kids.Here you can watch clips and full-length videos, play a variety of games and activities, solve challenging puzzles.
Go to HubBub
Kidsites is getting new design and in the coming weeks we will see new look.Till the we can use old site.
Check Yahoo Kids Games, Playkidsgames also.

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