Dropbox and Few more Free File Hosting Services to Share,Sync and Store Files and Folders Online

We can share large files online using few best websites.Here we will see few best free file hosting services to share,sync and take online backup for file and folders online. I hope these services are most popular nowadays.Hereafter you don’t want emailing files to yourself and you don’t need USB drive.

dropbox Dropbox is a one of the best web based file hosting service.Using Drop box file synchronization concept we can store and share files with others across the internet.It offers free and paid services.We can share upto 2 GB for free and we need to pay if we share more than GB.And if you refer friends then you will get additional 250MB free storage.It maintains all the versions of files for past 30 days.Drop doesn’t support remote computer feature so we can access files only through Drop box website online.It supports Windows,Linux,Mac operating systems.It is operated by Dropbox, Inc.

Download Dropbox

Windows Live Mesh
windowslivemesh Windows Live Mesh is an another best service from Microsoft for file sharing and storage.You can access the stuff on your computers from almost anywhere.We can Keep up-to-date copies of documents, photos, and other files on all of your computers, whether PC or Mac.Compare drop box Live mesh provides 5 GB of free space for online file storage.It doesn’t support file versioning feature but it supports remote computer concept using Live Mesh website we can connect to remote computers which you have live mesh installed.It only supports Windows and Mac operating systems.

Download Windows Live Mesh

Box.net is an another competitor for Dropbox.We can sync desktop files tobox box.
Check Box.net complete features.

Also check one more service Sugarsync.I hope these services will be useful for you.Let me know if you know some more best services for file sharing,storage.

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