– Sell Any Digital Work from Your Dropbox

This post address the another way to make money online.Are you looking for a marketplace to sell your digital work something like photos,  eBooks?  If you have some digital content and you are thinking it worth to sell then  try  it will help you.This concept is very simple that connect your Dropbox account to Artery and  Share the short link on social media, publish at and it automatically pay other people every time your content sells.

                                You can sell Digital Art, E-books, music videos, WordPress templates,recipes, music chords,  high-resolution photos and more using this marketplace without monthly fee.For Buyers,  When you buy  something  on Artery, they charge your card after verifying the availability of the bit (the file) you are downloading. They later pays the creator.And sellers has to pay  10% of the price, per sale  to take part in the Artery marketplace.

You can buy using    credit or debit card: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, or Diners Club.Artery is free to use for free distribution.And it is really great marketplace for  both buyers and sellers  Check more details here.

This is something similar to SellBox.  So Don’t waste this service and make money for your digital work.If you have any comments about this please share via your comments.


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