Estimate Website Traffic,Adsense Income of Any Website

If you are a new blogger,you might have 2 questions like Is your blog or website getting decent traffic?.And Estimate adsense income  with respect to traffic?.These kind of estimation are every bloggers like to know. Here I listed 3 best websites which helps to estimate any website.Below estimations will give an idea about that website and not a exact visitors number.
In case you are going buy or sell a website that time it will help for your investment and also for reference.
statbrain Statbrain is a best website to estimate numbers of visits per day of any website.This estimation is based on some factors like backlinks, Alexa Rank etc.And this estimation is an idea not a exact visitor number.You can also check keywords,meta tags are placed correctly in your blog or website.

websiteoutlook Websiteoutlook is an another best place to evaluate any website.It will give information about number of visits,Alexa page rank,Google backlinks and estimated worth of the website..etc.It is also free.

cubestatCubestat is an another best tool to estimate any website.
It is also gives information about website worth,daily page views
,ads revenue,meta information’s,page rank,backlinks,ipaddress..etc.

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