How to Increase Page Rank for Your Blog/Website

                                  This article addresses the how to increase page rank for your blog/website. Of Course back link are most important for increasing your blog/website page rank. And The Google Webmaster blog has officially stated that page load time is now a factor in Google’s ranking algorithm.
Below highlighted are the some important factors to increase your blog/website page rank.             1.       Back links are important factor helps you to increase your blog/website page rank. You can achieve the same by submitting your blog/website to various best blog directories. If you have a unique and useful content you will get back links automatically.

2.       As per the above statement now Page Speed also a factor for Google page rank.
You can check the same using below free tools.
3.       Connect your blog/website to social networking sites like twitter, face book, linked in €¦ €¦.etc €¦
4.       Do guest post to some good blogs/websites which is already having high page rank.
5.       SEO Techniques– Search engine optimization is an important part of increasing Google page rank.
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