Twitter releases his new Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcut comes to picture to reduce your mouse usage. Here i have listed some Keyboard Shortcuts for Twitter(Social Network and MicroBlogging Service) to reduce your time wastage. Become Twitter professional by knowing keyboard shortcut

M Opens a new Message in a pop-up window.
N Opens a new tweet in a pop-up window.
J next Tweet
SpaceBar Page Down
/ Search
. refresh Tweet and back to top
Press G  +H Go Home.
Press G + P To Display your profile
Press G + R Open Replies
Press G + F Go to Favourites.
Press G + M Go to Messages Inbox
Press G + U Go to another user s profile
Shift + F Add selected tweet to your Twitter Favourites
Shift + R Reply to selected tweet
Shift + T Retweet to selected tweet

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