Top Tech Related Stories of Year 2011 Review

                            Here you can find the top technology related stories of year 2011.

1.The Rise of Android.
                                                        Below infographic clearly address the android growth(10 Billion Apps download) in 2011.

Basic RGB

2.Steve Jobs Death(Feb 24 1955 – October 5,2011)
                      Steve Jobs(Co – Founder,Chair man and CEO of Apple Inc) died on October 5,2011.

Steve Jobs

3. Appearance of Google +


4.Carrier -IQ Scandal
                    The Mobile Logging Software Carrier – IQ Scandal.Lot of Smartphone users were worried about their privacy.

5. Apple’s iPhone 4S Siri – Personal Assistant
                                              Apple’s iPhone 4S Siri Intelligent Software Assistant.

6. Facebook Privacy Fears.


7.Use of Social Media in Objection Worldwide.

8.Apple – Most valuable Company in the World.

apple logo

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