Connect to All Popular Social Networking Websites in One Place

Nowadays social networking websites are most popular especially facebook,twitter,MySpace are best websites.we have different accounts in each website but it is very difficult to manage all social networking websites but few websites helps you to manage your social networking websites in one place.
Tuppy is a simply interfaced tool which helps you organize all your accounts in different social networks in otuppylogone place.Now you can manage all major social networking websites here.It helps to achieve following activities.And Tuppy is absolutely free.

yoono Yoono is an another useful software that helps you to manage all social networking websites in one place.And you will get all your social networking real time updates in one page and you can also reply to them.It is available in desktop app,browser app,iphone app and it also available for Windows, Mac, Linux as well as iPhone/iPod Touch & iPad.
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