2011 Best Scientific Breakthrough

There were some major scientific break through in 2011 in the field of Scientific and research that postpones the age limit, Device that lets you see through walls, Particle speeder than light and lot more.   The iO9 blog writes about science and i have compiled and listed below their science breakthroughs in 2011

  1. The world’s lowest density material
  2. “Feeling” objects with a brain implant
  3. Astronomers get their first good look at giant asteroid Vesta
  4. NASA’s Kepler Mission changes how we see ourselves in the Universe
  5. Heartbeat-powered nanogenerators could soon replace batteries
  6. Neuroscientists reconstruct the movies in your mind
  7. 100,000-year-old art kit found in South Africa
  8. Online gamers solve a decade-old HIV puzzle in three weeks
  9. Ancient settlement upends our perception of human evolution
  10. Confirmed: Neanderthal DNA survives in Modern Humans
  11. IBM unveils brain-like “neurosynaptic” chips
  12. NASA launches the most advanced Martian rover in history
  13. A device that lets you see through walls
  14. Electronics and biometric sensors that you wear like a temporary tattoo
  15. Culling senescent cells postpones age-related disease in mice
  16. Scientists engineer highly virulent strains of bird flu
  17. The hunt for the Higgs boson nears its conclusion
  18. Faster-than-light Neutrinos


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