Linux command to Install, Upgrade, Freshen and Erase rpm package

RPM function to install, upgrade and remove software from the system.

Command to Install rpm package
rpm -ivh rpmname
-i : Install
-v : Verbose
-h : Print 50# mark on archiving or to show the installation
rpm -ivh –force rpmname
–force : forceful installation of the package
rpm -ivh –force –nodeps rpmname
–nodeps : Don t do a dependency check before installing or upgrading a package.
Freshening is almost identical to upgrade, on upgrading the package will be installed whether the package is installed or not, on freshening, the package will be ignored if not already installed.

Command to Upgrade rpm package  

rpm -Uvh –force –nodeps rpmname
Command to erase rpm package  
rpm -e rpmname
Command to Freshening rpm package
rpm -Fhv ftp://..*.rpm
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