Send Free International SMS from Mobile

Now you can now send free International SMS messages from your mobile to UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines countries and also they are planning to extend their facilities to others countries too. And also you can send unlimited SMS to all Indian mobile from Here
What you have to do this ?, you have to install the 160by2 application in your mobile phone, to send unlimited sms to these countries for free of costs.
You can install these applications via Mobile and PC

Install 160by2 Via Mobile

1) Point your phone’s browser to
2) Answer ‘Yes’ to all installation messages and enjoy Free SMSing, right on your mobile phone!
Problems connecting? Make sure your phone is correctly set up for Internet access.
Install 160by2 Via PC
Please login before starting download
1) Select your mobile from the below list and click to download the .jar and .jad files.
2)Transfer these files to your phone, and install them according to your phone’s installation procedure.

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