Make Free International Calls from Mobile

You can make free call to your dear ones from your mobile. What you have to do is to install any of these applications on both side, login to the applications and click “Call” to make call  to the dear ones and you can also enable your chat window to stay connected. Mobile Applications   are

Jaxtr for iPhone
Jaxtr iPhone is application is available on iTunes. Click here to download.
All you have do, Call your local jaxtr number and then input your friend’s number.
Choose “FreeConnect” from the options and Stay on the phone and wait for your friend to call in. In the mean while Jaxtr texts your friend with an SMS notifications of the local number to call in and  get connected to you while you wait.
If you are a registered member, use the FreeConnect option by pressing “0” and then “2” after you hear the voice prompt when you call. If you are not a registered member, FreeConnect is automatically chosen for you.
Note that if your friend does not receive jaxtr’s SMS notification, then you will need to inform your friend by other means (such as email, IM, or a direct call) of the local number to call to get connected to you. Jaxtr will not charge for this service, but your phone company’s normal charges still apply.

The FreeConnect option is only available in supported countries. See list.
You can also use Skype  and Google Talk for Mobile  to call your dear ones of free of cost.

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