How to Import Other Account Mails and Contacts to your Gmail ?

Google has introduced an new option to import your important mails and contacts of your others mail account to your gmail account. Here employees can import their contact list from their account to keep touch with their dear ones .
Here Google, create your import list as a seperate Label on left hand side of the GMail for easy view. I am successful in importing my contact list from Yahoo and from my corporate list too.
Steps to  do this

1. Login to Gmail account and click “Settings” on the top right corner and follow the below
steps to import mail and contacts.
Settings -> Account and Import -> Import Mail and Contacts

2.   Enter your Email account details you wish to import mail and contacts

3. Enter your password to proceed further on this
4. Choose your import options you need them in your Gmail
  • Import Contacts
  • Import Mail
  • Import New Mail for 30 Days
  • Add Label to all Import Mails: Reset your label of your own wish

 5. Sometimes Google takes few minutes to import your contact and mail list to gmail. See the google processing

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