Best Mobile Applications for Health and Fitness

Mobile Phones has become mandatory to humans, It has some  unexpected  qualities and featue that might help us to improve the quality of our life. There are dozens of new health and fitness Web applications are now available for use with the Apple iPhone and Android Devices
These software can  literally helps us to put all  our health records including digital images such as ultrasounds and echocardiograms into our palms of hand. They can even  administer eye exams    and keep track of your calories and exercise too.
Here i have listed some of best rated  iPhone and Android Application for Health and Fitness. Download these applications and be fit.

iPhone Applications

  • If you need other attention or if you met with an accident or  if others can’t hear you through windows or long distance, the 911 Help application is designed in a such way to  draw attention  upto 75 feet away. We have to  just turn your iPhone sideways, the screen is filled with an animated “911/Help” message that flashes in red and white.
  • The iPhone Emergency Card stores health and contact information on the iphone and makes it accessible when you need  on emergency, It has an history of your  blood type, allergies. It also allows users to  Find hospitals closest to your location
  • Nutrition Menu: It gives you  everything  in terms of nutrition  on more than 79,000 items. It offers you access to one of the best nutritional databases at your fingertips. Cost: $2.99
  • iPharmacy  is a drug and medication Guide, It allows  us to browse thousands of drug descriptions, dosage, symptoms and side effects. we can  use it to view common dosages and directions for thousands of prescription drugs. Cost: $0.99  
  • MyNetDiary is a food and exercise diary and has a weight loss program. You can just analyze and plan your diet.  You can print reports of  your nutritionist and track body fat percentage, bone weight and lean muscle percentage. A display option on the nutrient chart shows how fats, carbs and proteins contribute to calories.
  • GoodFoodNearYou: If you are in a new place, and looking for something that s healthy to eat, this  app helps you to find the nearest restaurant  using  GPS, no matter where you are. Cost: Free
  • iTreadmill: If you want to keep track of your steps, speed and calories burned, this  app is a great resource. It also includes your strike rate. Keep track of your fitness and more with this portable €œtreadmill. € Cost: $0.99
  • deftFitness: Learn how to work specific body parts with different exercises for all areas of your body. Find out how you can work different muscle groups, and see pictures to help you do the exercise right. Cost: $0.99
  • iFitness: Another great app that helps you get in  and stay in  shape. There are more than 160 exercise that help you keep up with your routine, avoiding weight loss . Create customized workouts and track your progress. Cost: $1.99

Android Applications

  • Beer Gut Fitness: It is an calorie checkbook to figure out how much calorie to burn off that alcohol you have been consuming. It gives information about, how many calories are in different drinks, and then tells you what types of exercise you can do to burn off those calories
  • Fast Food Calorie Counter:   This app helps you see exactly what you are eating when you go out, and provides you with information about  9,000 items from 72 fast food restaurants. Data includes calories, fat grams, fiber, carbs and protein and help you mitigate some of the dangerous calorie counts associated with fast food. Cost: $1.99
  • Racing for CardioTrainer: Motivational Android app that encourages you to beat your last running time. A great training app that can help you get in good shape €” and improve against yourself. Cost: $2.99
  • Absolute Fitness: Great all in one Android app that helps you set fitness goals, put together a personalized workout, and keep track of calorie intake. Includes nutrition data for a number of different foods and drinks, and helps you keep track of where you are at with cholesterol, sodium, protein and more. Cost: $4.99
  • Food & Nutrition: A great Android app that provides you with information on different foods and diet. Get information and more about thousands of food options. Educational and easy to use. Learn to make better eating decisions for better health. Cost: Free
  • Soleil Organics: If you want to increase your health by buying organic, this Android app is for you. Educates you on food labeling, and helps you analyze your shopping choices. A great tool for when you are shopping for healthier options. Cost: $0.99
  • Sleep Music: One of the most important things you can do for your health is the amount of sleep. Good sleep will help you feel more energetic, and can even aid in weight loss. If you have difficulty relaxing and falling asleep, this Android app can help you. Designed to help you avoid insomnia, you can listen to soothing music and fall asleep. Cost: Free
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