10 Ways to Lose Your Cellphone

Common Places to lose cell phone

Cellphone become constant companion to link friends and family and we carry with us everwhere, not to memorize the phone numbers anymore. We simply have save them into our cellphone memory and they are always available when we need to make a call

Unfortunately, there are many chance to miss our cellphone because  of carry with us everywhere and  we get panic because of missing all the programmed information and valuable data. One way to prevent this from happening is to simply be aware of the most common ways that people lose their cell phones, so that you can be especially careful in those situations.  

  • Coat pockets. It is considered as the most convenient way to carry your cellphone. It can easily be pulled out to answer a call. There s no need for a clip to attach it to your belt or the need to carry a purse. Unfortunately, this is one of the most common ways that cell phones are lost. When a person bends over the phone slides out of his coat pockets without giving any notification or noise  to indicate it has escaped. Because they don t hear it fall out, they also don t know where to look for it.
  • Purses. Almost everyone assume purse would be a safe place to keep your cell phone, and in most cases it is. Many purses now comes with special cell phone pocket on the outside, especially designed to give you easy access to your phone. These perfect little pockets with velcro fasteners have a  problem, they don t always stay fastened. This means that your cell phone can easily slip out of its pocket, just like the coat pocket, and disappear without you realizing it.
  • Car tops. If your cell phone is in your hand, it is easy to sit it on top of your car as you unlock the car door, and then forget that you put it there. Even if you do find the cell phone afterwards, it usually won t be in very good shape
  • Restaurant booths. It is a common place to use your cell phone while dining in a restaurant , restaurant consider to be  culprit of lost cell phones than the table
  • Waiting rooms. Because waiting rooms are a common place for people to use their cell phones, phones often get set down on a chair or side table and left behind, when the person s name is called.
  • School lockers. Leaving your cell phone locked in your school locker would seem like a safe place, but unfortunately it is not. This situation is actually one of a stolen phone, not a lost phone
  • No pockets. Carrying a cell phone around in your hand because you don t have a pocket to put it in, puts you at an even greater risk of losing your cell phone. It is just too easy to set the phone down for a moment and forget to pick it back up again.
  • Changing rooms. Cell phones often are left behind in department store changing rooms. The phone either falls out of a pocket as clothes are being changed, or gets set down on the bench. Since the person s focus is on other things at the moment, it is easy for the phone to be overlooked.
  • Buses. Whether it is school buses or city transit buses, this is another place that cell phones often escape their owners, landing either in the crevice of the seat or on the floor underneath another seat.
  • Couches. The couch has been known for collecting objects underneath its cushions for as long as it has been around. If you need some loose change, check the couch cushions. Electronic objects are no exception. Plenty of cell phones have been lost and found under couch cushions.
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