10 Reasons Microsoft Windows 7 Mobile fails to impress

Microsoft and its partners shipped 1.5 millions Windows 7 powered phone units to carrier  during the first six weeks of its availability, according to Microsoft officials.It doesn’t  seems to be impressive on the first face   and to satisfy household and enterprise consumers. Here Microsoft officals  has listed top 10 reason for their shipment to be failed or called back

1. The sales aren’t impressive :   300,000 Android phones are activated by customers each day.  Microsoft can even come close to that figure, it will be  extreme difficulty gaining ground on Google or Apple

2. Windows Mobile ruined everything:    An important reason for Windows Phone 7 s inability to compete with Google and  Apple.  As soon as Apple offered up the iPhone and Google came out with Android, it became clear that Microsoft didn t have a single competitor that mattered

3. Android is more readily available : Microsoft took time to build Windows 7, till that Android phones are available for all carriers vendors.

4. There isn’t an iPhone competitor : Single Windows Phone 7-device  can’t compete on any level with Apple s iPhone. That s a significant problem for Microsoft

5. Enterprise concerns: Microsoft is successful only on Corporate world

6. The feature set isn’t there : Windows 7 Phone lacks multitasking for all apps, Consumers can’t copy and paste. If Microsoft doesn’t address that sooner rather than later, it could have even more trouble on its hands.

7. Figuring out vendor desire : Microsoft has to depends on its vendors to deliver the market.

8. Apps, Apps, Apps: Microsoft app store has only 4000 apps till now, where as Apple’s App Store crossed  over 300,000 apps, and android to be  estimated 100,000 to 200,000 Android

9. Microsoft’s brand value: Microsoft concentrate household and enterprise customers, where as Google and Android appealing more to consumers    than ever before

10. Where’s the sales pitch? : Google has provided some alternative solutions for  on several carriers. But Microsoft has not competete yet

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