JSF Tutorial

JSF(Java Server Faces)is a Java based framework which help for building component based web applications.And also read a post about Comparing Spring MVC with JSF.  JSF uses Facelets as its default templating system.  JSF has powerful libraries  like Primefaces,  icefaces,  richfaces  which set of components  and it helps to  reduce your development time.

JSF Tutorial

I have used Adobe Flex for some of my projects.Like Flex,Primefaces provides lot of components which really simplifies your development.Let’s see the concepts I have used in JSF. Here I would like to share some JSF programs and in coming days I will scale up this post.

Here i have shared some useful JSF Concepts implementations.

JSF Primefaces Template Layout.

Like Apache Tiles  Framework we can achieve same kind functionality using JSF template.Check the detailed post about this concept here.I have shared sample code with Primefaces layout.

Read more about JSF Primefaces Template Layout  here.

Spring Security

We can integrate Spring Security in JSF Applications.Find our old post about How to Integrate Spring Security in JSF Applications.

CRUD Application

After Hello world Program,developing a crud application is really best approach when i start learning new technology.

Download JSF CRUD.

 Dialog Example.

Dialog is a most commonly used component in any technology not only JSF. Read our post address the different ways to show dialog in JSF Application.

Also read JSF Dialog with Form example.

Custom Object Converter in SelectoneMenu Component

Like Spring MVC JSF also supports converters.I mean when you want use user or custom object in combobox you need to do String to Object and Object to String conversion.

Read more about this implementation  here.

Spring Integration.

Sometimes we need to create beans which should also be managed by Spring Container so that we can use @Inject,@Controller,@Autowired Annotations in our application.Just simple configurations are required to achieve this.

Try this post about How to Integrate Spring with JSF.

JSF with Jasper report(iReport)

We know Jasper report is a one of the most popular Free Java report library.Here you can find the example program for How to use JSF Report from JSF Application.

Primefaces showcase  is really a good source to learn about components.This is just an aggregation of my previous articles I hope you enjoyed it.If you have any comments please use following comment section.

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