Vaadin:Java Web Application Framework for Rich Internet Applications

vaadin   Would you like to create rich internet application using java web application framework? then you can try Vaadin.What is Vaadin?Vaadin is an open source Java Web application framework.Using this framework we can create rich and interactive application that run in the any popular browser without help of any plugin.

There are more reasons to choose vaadin like It is pure java,flexible theming,Add Ons Support.Vaadin programming model is just like traditional programming it uses events and listeners instead of requests and responses.If you know swing or SWT Applications then this vaadin will be easy for you.
Vaadin has too many features.And it is compatible for all major application servers like Apache Tomcat,Oracle Web Logic Server,IBM Websphere Application server,JBoss Application server,Glassfish and Google App Engine.
Lots of companies all over the world are creating user friendly web applications using Vaadin.Check the some company names here.Vaadin is well documented and it has forum support too.Vaadin plugin for Eclipse and Netbeans also available.
Find the Vaadin Samples here
Download Vaadin here.

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