Java Coding Interview Questions And Answers for Experienced Developers

Here I listed some of the java coding interview questions answers for experienced java developers. If you have more than 6 years of experience in java then interviewers will expect that you should have good knowledge in java concepts and java related frameworks,libraries and tools. But Some people expects you should have good hands on experience in java programming. In this case you should prepare and practice some java programs like below before you take the interview.

Also to clear this kind of programming questions you should be good in String functions, Array and Collections.

1. How do you create own or custom ArrayList in java?

2. How do you find second largest number in an Array?

3.  Write a Simple MultiThread Program in Java?

4.  Write a Prime Number Program in Java?

5.  How do you remove alternate element from arraylist?

6.  How do you reverse a string without using string builtin functions?

7. Check the String is Anagram or Not?

8.  Solve a Producer Consumer Problem using BlockingQueue or Wait and Notify?

I already  a detailed post this question so just check this link.

9.  Interview may ask some questions from below String related programs?

What is the output of the above program.

10.  Interview may ask some questions from below exception handling related programs?

Can we keep other statements in between try, catch and finally blocks?

If you know some more java coding interview questions answers then you below comment section to share the same.

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