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Here we will see the list of tools which helps to take build for your java applications.You many already aware of two  popular build tools ant and maven.Some people may not aware of another build tool called Gradle. And Intention of this post is not to compare these tools here I have listed the build tools for java applications and you can choose based on your need.If you are not aware different java build tools then this post will be useful for you.

Apache Ant (Another Neat Tool)

Most popular and commonly used build tool for java application.Ant is a  Java-based build tool and it is  written in Java.It is    Java library and command-line tool  Ant can also be used effectively to build non Java applications like  C or C++ applications.You can easily  combine this  build tool and popular dependency manager Apache Ivy  because  Apache Ivy follows Apache Ant design principles.

You can configure Ant with  Continuous Integration Tool like can also try EasyAnt Plugin.


Another build tool which helps for making  build process easy and  Providing a uniform build system for applications.Maven allows a project to build using its project object model (POM) and a set of plugins that are shared by all projects using Maven, providing a uniform build system.Maven uses XML to define build scripts(POM). This is the same as Ant and is a safe choice because most people are familiar with using XML for configuration.  Maven has a single repository format.Deploying to a maven repository is very simple because of the single repository and deployment format.

Ant doesn’t have formal conventions like a common project directory structure, you have to tell Ant exactly where to find the source and where to put the output.And Ant doesn’t have life cycle but  Maven has conventions and  life cycle.

Check here How to Use Maven Tool.


Gradle  is a newer build tool based on the Groovy language and Ant.  Gradle build scripts are written in  Groovy.   The advantage of using a real programming language over XML is that it can more easily define build logic that is more complex than just a series of unchanging steps. Gradle combines the power and flexibility of  Ant  with the dependency management and conventions of  Maven  into a more effective way to build.  Gradle has features like  Declarative builds and build-by-convention,Language for dependency based programming,Structure your build and Multi-project builds.

I have used Ant and Maven for my projects and i didn’t try gradle may be in future i will write more about this tool.Finally all above tools has good documentation and IDE Integration Support.

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