How to Create jar file Using Eclipse– Failed to load Main-Class manifest attribute from jar File

Here we will see how to create jar file from eclipse. And we will see how to solve  
Main-Class manifest attribute from jar File problem(failed to load main-class manifest attribute from jar file). Following steps you need  

to follow to create jar file using eclipse java IDE.

Method 1: Jar files creation using eclipse.
Step 1:

                        Right click on configured java project (select java project)
Step 2:
                Right Click Export.
Step 3:
                  Click java and select jar file.
Step 4:
                Click next and choose the project (from select the resources to export).
Step 5:
            Give the jar file name from (select the export destination) and click next.
Step 6:
              Select the Main class à Click Finish.
Method 2:
              Below link help you create jar file using command mode.
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