How to Convert IDL (CORBA) to WSDL using Apache Axis2

Here we will see how to convert corba application into WSDL application.
Following should be installed on your System:
1. JDK should be installed in your system.
2. Apache axis should be installed in your system. If you don t have download here. CLASSPATH: 1.You need to set class path for JAVA_HOME = C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_21\
2. Need to set classpath for Apache axis like AXIS2_HOME = E:\Axis2\axis2-1.5.2\

Steps to convert IDL application to WSDL application.
Create IDL which you want to convert into wsdl.

Compile IDL and create Java Classes using idlj tool.
idlj €“fall idlname.idl

Create Implementation class which contains implementation of idl methods. Now you finished corba side. And you should have interface like below.

Interface Example

Implementation Class Example:
package loggingService.logWriting;
import javax.jws.WebService;
@WebService(endpointInterface = “loggingService.logWriting.LogInterface”)
public class LoggerImpl implements LogInterface
public String log(String eventTime,
String eventId,
String eventSource,
String affectedObject,
String specificInformation) {
return “Suceess”;

Step 4:
Above Steps are usual CORBA steps as you know.I didn’t explain completely.
Now we go for WSDL side.
Create new folder it should contain META-INF folder and java classes. Inside the META-INF folder you should have services.xml file like below.
Create services.xml file.
<service name=”LoggerImplService”>
This service is to get the running Axis version
<parameter name=”ServiceClass”>loggingService.logWriting.LoggerImpl</parameter>
<operation name=”log”>
<messagereceiver class=”org.apache.axis2.rpc.receivers.RPCMessageReceiver”>

Go to Dos prompt and go to folder which contains META-INF folder and java classes. Now
Create jar file. jar €“cvf filename.jar * It will create jar file inside the same folder.
Now rename your jar file to aar file.

Copy the aar file into following location.
Now you can deploy on axis2server.bat
Go to following location.
Click axis2server.bat
Check it deployed successfully. It should be like below.

Step 9:
Now you can open wsdl in any browser. And you can see web service methods.

clip_image002Step 10:
Write client program to access web services it may a java program or flex program.
I used flex as client program.First Download Adobe Builder   then copy and paste following client program.
Then run flex program.
Check client program

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