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Here we will see free java IDEs and java related free tools. Below tools are very useful for java related projects. If you are java programmer below tools will be really helpful to do your tasks very fast and easily.
Net beans
Net beans is an another java IDE.It has lot features compare eclipse. It has inbuilt swing support I mean we can create Java user interface (swing application) using drag and drop feature available in net beans. You can download net beans from the below location.
Eclipse is a most popular Java IDE.It also supports some other languages like C, C++, PHP.It is very easy to develop java programs and it has pulgin support, using that we can add plugins like Clear Case, JDocs. It is a freeware. Eclipse 3.5 Galileo is the latest version of eclipse IDE.You can download eclipse IDE from the below location.
JCreator is another Java IDE for java environment. You can download the JCreator from the below Location.
JDeveloper is another Java IDE from Oracle. You can download the JDeveloper from the below location.
Java Decompiler
Java Decompiler is used to convert the java class files into source files. You can download the JD from the below location
Oracle SQL Developer
Oracle SQL Developer is used to perform common database development tasks. It is free and fully supported graphical tool for database development activities.
HeidiSQL is graphical tool to perform My SQL database development tasks.
It is free and easy to use. It also lot of features to perform database activities.
IReport (Jasper Reports)
We can create reports in java applications just like .NET. Yes IReport (Jasper reports) helps us to perform report generation in java applications. It is an open source tool.
Launch4j is a cross platform tool for wrapping Java applications distributed as jars in windows executables. It is also a free tool.
Inno Setup
Inno Setup is afreeinstall maker for Windows programs. It is a free tool. We can also create installer for java applications.
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