Develop Java Web Applications Quickly Using AppFuse

appfuse             Looking for a tool to learn and develop web application using java technologies quickly? If you are working in open source technologies like Spring Framework, Struts and Hibernate then this tool is more useful for you.

AppFuse is an open source project that helps you to quickly develop web applications that uses above mentioned open source tools.

AppFuse is nothing but a project skeleton like how we are creating new project in our IDE wizard so we can create and run web application projects using this tool.

It supports Hibernate or iBATIS as persistence frameworks and Web frameworks like JSF, Spring MVC, Tapestry or Webwork. Find the AppFuse Demos and Videos here. AppFuse 2.1.0 is the latest release of this tool and requires java 5 for development but not for deployment.

                            AppFuse has some useful features like it supports JDK5, Annotations, Servlet 2.4, JSP2.0 Spring Annotations, support all majors IDEs like Eclipse, NetBeans, Intellij IDEA, Maven Integration and Generic Background.

We can use this tool for few best reasons like many open source libraries like spring, XFire, JUnit, Hibernate and Mysql are pre-integrated with AppFuse, Testing, Code Generation with AppGen, Automation and Community support.And Find the AppFuse Tutorial here.

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