Common Java Coding Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers[Part 1]

This post will be useful for java programmers who is looking for a job in Fresher s and less than 2 years category. Below Java Programs are basic and most commonly asked questions in java interview.

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Create package basic before start using below examples.

Java Coding Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers  

1.Fibonacci Series Program

2.How to Get Input from User in Java

Using Scanner Class[Another Way]

3.Ascending Order Program.

4.Check the Given Number is Armstrong Number or Not

5.Find the Duplicate Value in Array of String

6.Different Ways to Create Java Thread

Using Thread Class

Using Runnable Interface

7.Prime Numbers between 1 to 100

8.How to Reverse a String Without Using builtin Method

Using Recursion

9.Sum of N Numbers

10.How to  Read a File Line By Line in Java

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