Best Java Websites with Category Wise

This post addresses the websites which is useful for java developers to find the solutions and depth knowledge about java programming.

Best Java Websites with Category Wise

          Java Source Code Examples
Sun official website now redirected to oracle website. So now this is java official website.
Java2s is very good site for java example source code. It contains Java, J2EE examples and java related component examples.
This site is useful for java tutorials. It contains Java, JSP Tutorials, Hibernate Tutorials, Struts Tutorials, JSF Tutorials, RMI, MySQL Tutorials, Spring Tutorials and also contain java source codes.
It is another java programming examples website.
5. – This site holds all the examples from The Java Developers Almanac and more.
Java Forums and Community
Java World is another good java website it contains java community, blogs, news, design patterns and articles with detailed explanation about scenario.
This site is useful for java training, java courses and analyzing the issues in java. And also it has very big java community.
It offers concise presentations of Java practices, tasks, and designs, illustrated with syntax-highlighted code examples. The code examples are available for download.
Stack Overflow is a cooperate edited question and answer site for programmers €“ regardless of platform or language. It’s 100% free, no registration required.
          It is another java forums website.

            If you like to do java open source project, then it is a best option.

It is another java developer community.
13. – Java Question & Answers with community.
14.   It is a java community and java projects website hosted by sun Microsystems.
15. It is a java community website.
Java Tutorials
16. Java Tutorials.
17. – Articles, online tutorials, and other technical resources on Java standards and technologies.
19. – This website is good for all the topics. Java is a one category for this site.
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