Indian Railway Banned Agents Booking E-ticket

Indian Railway has banned agents  from booking E-Tickets. What is the reason for this sudden reaction is ?….

Indian Railway Ticket Booking Agents Banned

Indian Railway with the help of CBI caught many illegal travel agency booking tickets on bulk and demanding for more money on last date.  Already there were many complaints filed saying irctc site is not accessible during taluk timings from 8 am – 9 am. It comes with waiting list when its come back normal.

Indian Railway notice agents were blocking tickets apart from their quota and also  with their  help of railway officals.

Railways officials says  prior to ban it took about 20-25 minutes to book a ticket online; but the ban has doubled the number of people causing the delay.  Earlier the number of tokens issued was 1300-1400 which has now become 2000-2100.

The Assistant Manager of IRCTC (Indian Rail Catering and Tourism Corporation) Dr Achyut Singh said that the ban is only applicable to travel agents,  the private users can still avail the E-Ticket  booking facility. However this incidents of people facing difficulty in booking tickets from their homes have also been reported.

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