Use Google,Yahoo account as an OpenID

OpenID is a shared identity service, which allows Internet users to log on to many different web sites using a single digital identity, single sign-on, eliminating the need for a different user name and password for each site.
Previously, Whenever we need to sign up for an new account on any website we need to go through the registration process of giving an alternate email ID for verification mail and then we need to click on confirmation link to get that account activated.This was big frustrating process, when we are in hurry to create a new account.But now everything becomes simple, if you want to sign up for new Google account with your exciting Yahoo, Hotmail or any other email address then you don t need to go through these lengthy process. By using Open ID or OAuth authentications, You can create an account using Yahoo credentials to access Google Docs, Google Reader, Google Groups and its releated products.

To create a custom OpenID URL with your Google Account username, go to and login using your Google credentials. You will be assigned an OpenID sign-on that looks something like this where is the email address associated with your Google Account.

Open ID is supported by Yahoo, Google and few others mail providers. Instead of going through whole registration and confirmation process, you can sign up with Google from your Yahoo credentials with a button that sends you to Yahoo for verification. Once Click on Agree button you can start using your new account. This will surely help Google to get more users who are fan of Yahoo.

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