Steps to Add Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts to your Google Profile

What  would be  the reason for google to allow other social network site into their networks is to promote their products across the scene. There are some interesting changes in google profile to support this.

Google is working on making our profiles more attractive and connected by allowing Buzz and PicasaWeb. Now they support 6 different social network site into my profile.

Steps to add Social Network site to my profile

  • You need a GMail account with profile to proceed further or create your one by visiting this  URL
  • Sign-in with your gmail username and password to  look up Account Settings from the extreme top right hand corner. Click “Connected Accounts”   to view and manage your accounts from other services.
  • Click “Connect an account” drop down button to add your profile to social network site such as Facebook, Flick, Linkedln, Quora, Twitter and Yelp. You can visit directly if you are already logged into your Gmail account.

Assuming google is working to manage and look up all  our social network from one place.

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