Search Particular Websites Using Google Custom Search

Here we will see How to search particular websites easily with Google Custom search. If you are a webmaster you may already aware of this please skip this post. You want to search some similar sites, for example some people are often check online shopping sites or educational related sites then this post will be useful for you it may be one time activity.

Of Course you can want to search single website in google search then following query will help

                        site:   How to Blog

In case you want search few more similar sites then try the following steps.

Also Learn Google Search Techniques.

Make a list of websites you want to search. Let s create your own search engine using following steps.


If you have google account then Go to Google Custom Search.

Step 2:

Click New Search Engine

Fill the required details in that form

Copy and paste your site’s list in Sites to Search field. If you don t ads in result page then disable using this link.

Ste 3: Choose the Look and feel

Google Custom Search

Step 4: Choose the look and feel you want. Click Next

Step 5: Copy the generated code and save it as html file.

Step 6: open the html file using browser and bookmark it or go to my search engines then click your search engine name and bookmark it. That s all. Whatever you are search in  Google  custom search it will only show mentioned websites pages. And you don t want to see irrelevant pages. If you have Google Adsense then you can follow above procedure copy and paste code into your website where you want custom search to display.

If you would like to know difference between  Google  search and custom search check this page.

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