Do search through images using Google Images

How do you search generally in Search Engine ?, I assume everyone search by text and  to refine the search you can search by Location also. Think you have an image and you don’t know anything about it, how to extract information about it. There is a tool with name TinyEye , it give info of an image upload, but Google is much advance of it.

Best way to perform search through image is to upload the image in Google Images. Click the Camera button to upload.

Here you can upload the images by two methods by URL and image

1. First Option is “Paset Image URL”, Paste the URL of the image and click search button, Google search to find the text index to the images

2. Second Option is “Upload an image”, If you have an image stored at your computer, prefered to choose this option to upload the image

3. The easiest way to search text using image is to drag any image from anywhere on the net or on your PC. Image will be automatically uploaded if it s on your PC

Providing the URL or Image, Google will show the respective text or web indexed to image.

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