Multiple ways to move your photos from Facebook to Google+ and others

Does all your photos are stagnate on Facebook and you re desperate to get them over to new social network.

How to Share your Facebook photos to others

First of all, you should know that Google+ runs its images through picasa, because of the available services it already supports, including syncing with your desktop.

  1. Download a copy content from Facebook. In Facebook head to Account > Account Settings > Download a copy link at the bottom
  2. Facebook requires some span of time to archive your data, it email you, when your content is ready (expect hours), download the ZIP file
  3. Head over to and download the desktop client (Mac, PC, Linux supported). Install and log in with your Google account
  4. In the Facebook ZIP file you ll find a photos folder, un-ZIP this.  Picasa can be set to automatically catalogue your images. Let it scan the Facebook photos folders
  5. Once it is done, right click on the folder(s) you want on Google+ and hit €œUpload to Picasa Web Albums €¦ €
  6. Head over to Google+ and look in Your albums


It is always the smarter to have multiple backups of your photos. And since Google Plus now offers unlimited photo storage

To get started, you first need to install the browser extension Move2Picasa. This puts a small Picasa icon at the top of Google Chrome, next to the address bar. To use the app,  click the button to authenticate with Facebook.

You can then check and uncheck which Facebook albums will be copied over to Picasa. You can either check “upload all,” “upload none,” or you can pick and choose the photos to migrate. The extension even offers to delete any empty albums you may have accidentally created over on Picasa previously.

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