Locate where your friends now with Google Latitude

Google Latitude is a mobile applications to locate users in real time on google map. Latitude allows a mobile phone users to track the location of certain people Via their own Google Account, the user’s cell phone location is mapped on Google Maps.The user can control the accuracy and details of the location and the application is limited by city. For Privacy, User can turn off this application, or a location can be manually entered. Users have to explicitly opt in to Latitude, and may only see the location of friends who have decided to share their location.
Latitude overwrites a user’s previous location with the new location data, and does not keep logs of locations provided to the service
Latitudes is supported in Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Nokia S60 and others too. Download the application Here
Features are

  • See where your friends are right now
  • Share where you are
  • Control your location
  • Privacy settings
  • It can be accessed from Computer

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