Learn What is Browser and Web from Google ?

Google s most recent development and release is  20 Things I Learned About The Browsers and the Web which is styled much like an children s Comi E-book.

As the  name suggests, it contains 19 observations about the web and one last chapter as an recap. The book is written by Min Li Chan, Fritz Holznagel and Michael Krantz and  brilliant illustrations by Christoph Niemann.

I assume Google wants to educate  people on  dot-com after seeing this video and its demand.
Download the Book Here.
Here i have listed E-book chapters below, Please  read the book and drop in your comments and views.

    • What is the Internet?
    • Cloud Computing
    • Web Apps
    • HTML, JavaScript, CSS and more
    • HTML5
    • 3D in the Browser
    • A Browser Madrigal
    • Plug-ins
    • Browser Extensions
    • Synchronizing the Browser
    • Browser Cookies
    • Browsers and Privacy
    • Malware, Phishing,and Security Risks
    • How Modern Browsers Help Protect You From Malware and Phishing
    • Using Web Addresses to Stay Safe
    • IP Addresses and DNS
  • Validating Identities Online
  • Evolving to a Faster Web
  • Open Source and Browsers
  • 19 Things Later…
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