How to send yourself an Email and SMS Reminder ?

Nowdays,  it is too difficult to remember and manage a whole lot of tasks, sometimes we forget our plans, thats makes life hectic. To avoid this,  there are plenty of  software services that allow you to send email messages and SMS to your inbox.
Like Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft and AOL, some of these companies provides reliable solutions for sending reminder emails through web based calendar. We are seeing some companies disapper and merges. We hope below services will be available.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is one of the web based calendar provides reliable solutions for sending reminder mails and SMS.
Goto Google Calendar, Configure your Mobile device to receive SMS. On left side of your home page, click “Create Event” to setup reminder mails and SMS to wish your dear ones.

It is a yet another service that you can use to send reminder mail  to yourself.
Features of NudgeMail
1. You can send a new email to NudgeMail or forward an existing mail.
2. You can set the exact time at which you want the reminder mail sent to you, For example, €œMonday € or €œTomorrow € or €œOct 13 €³ or €œ2 hours € are all acceptable ways to send a NudgeMail
3. You don t have to register, sign up, or download any plug-in to use the service. Your email client is all you need.
4. NudgeMail works on most devices that uses an email client like  Blackberry, iPhone or iPad.
5. NudgeMail auto detects the country s time zone settings, so no manual settings needed and  we dont have to  worry about missing your deadline. But doing a test check always helps
6. Currently, NudgeMail does not support email attachments, so avoid sending reminder mails with attachments.
Steps to  Use NudgeMail to Send Reminders to Yourself
1. Open a new email, or forward an existing email.
2. In the To text box, type
3. In the Subject text box, enter the day, date, or time when you want the NudgeMail to come back to you. For example, €œWednesday € or €œTomorrow € or €œDec 5 ? or €œ5 hours. €
4. You can also  send by day/date/ For example, €œ € or €œ € or €œ € or €œ €  all are acceptable ways to send a NudgeMail
4. In the email message body, type your message and click Send.
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