Google Consumer Survey Helps Web Publisher Earn Money

Google Consumer Survey Customer Feedback is more important for every business owners to successfully run their business.They should always take important decisions based on their customer feedback.Google Consumer Survey is a new program from google,offering market research data to small and big business or organizations using online surveys.

If you are doing business and looking for market research then create online survey to gain consumer insight.Google consumer survey might offer fast and accurate data and affordable the following video about Google Consumer Survey.


For General survey,Company should pay $0.10 per response or $0.50 for demographically target survey response.


Google Consumer Survey Example

How does Web Publisher earn money from this program?

If you are a web publisher you need to first join this program to earn money and embed survey(just like google ads) into your website and get commission(based on what Google charges the business for the survey )from google based on visitors response.
Some popular publishers like Star Tribune, Adweek and The Texas Tribune are already using this program.

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