Google ChromeBooks available for Sale

Acer and Samsung  incorporated Google Chrome as their Operating System on  new version laptop and  now it can be purchased from As of now amazon doesn’t allows shipping to other Non-US locations. But soon it will be available to all locations

Basic Acer Cromia is around $380, features a 11.6″ display with dual-core Intel processor  and 2 GB RAM. Where Samsung series 5 Model comes with slightly bigger than Acer with feature 12.1″ display with an Intel Atom Processor and 2 GB RAM with price range of $430

Google notebooks are lighter with an impressive battery life. Google concept of   “Running everything from Cloud Networks” . Google Notebooks boots within 8 Seconds of time,  Instant-on and Always Connected.

Google Notebook is nothing just a browser . All documents, data, information and photos will not be stored on the Chromebook, but in the Google €œcloud € of data, accessible to and from any other Chromebook as long as it is connected to the internet. The software used for the laptop will also be updated automatically over the internet whenever there is a new version. The serious benefits for this system is obvious €“ large corporations of students and employees can stay connected in an inexpensive, easy and updated way.

Additionally, all the software usually found on desktops will be web-based connected with  Chrome system. Instead of Microsoft Office, for example, Google Docs will be used; instead of e-mail software, users have Gmail, online.

Chrome could be the new wave of computing  as we speak. There are definitely many benefits €“ ease of use, low cost, accessibility, No licensed software, Anti-Virus,   €“ but we will have to wait and see what  Microsoft or Apple come’s up.

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