Google Body-3D Model of Human Body

Google Labs  released Google Body, it is an detailed 3D Model of Human body. Google Body comes as website, free android  downloable software for mobile and tablet

Google Body has a slider, where you can navigate to  view parts that you are interested and also it’s show the perfect conversion of human body to different layers   And also you can click to identify each  part or you can search for muscles, organs, bones and etc.

You can user  zoomin/zoomout option to view tiny parts.

Google body needs WebGL(Graphics Library) support browser to view 3D Models. Below browser supports 3D Models

  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Google Chrome
  • Opera

Download Google body from Android Market and view in Browser with URL

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  1. Google 3D models is great, as you can navigate it, rotate it, etc. However, the models shown are not really medically accurate, at least, not for any professional or medical grade usage.

    IMHO, among the best medically accurate ANATOMY 3D Models you can now find in the market are those from CGShape.

    These models are perfectly detailed, with high resolution textures, every object named, multi format (3ds, max, maya…)

    What’s more, you have them available both for MAN/MALE and WOMAN/FEMALE. Not only you can buy the whole bodies, but also the separate systems and or organs (brain, heart).

    Best regards

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