Experts Answers your questions through Google Aardvark

Aardvark is a Public Search Engine that connects  users live with your friends or users who have access and whom have access  to answer their questions.
Here user can submit their questions by Aardvark website, email or instant messanger. Submitted Questions is validated by Aardvark Website and published in the extended social network. You and Experts can  answer the questions. Experts answer will be coming as an email to you. Users can cross check the answers and they reply him with a thank message too

Here user has  choose their profile topics they wish to answer. Aardvark filters the questions based on your profile and populates to you, for you to answers.

Profile Tab gives info about

  • Topics : Topics to be added to Answer
  • Settings : To change Profile settings
  • Name Tag & Photo
  • IM, Email, Twitter Addresses
  • iPhone

“History” tab gives info about

  • Questions you have asked
  • Questions you have answered
  • Referrals you have sent

Network tab, invites friends from facebook, gmail, yahoo and others Email Accounts.

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