Best Ways to Know What People are Searching in Google or Web

If you are a blogger or making money online using website then definitely you will be interested in this topic.What people are searching in google or web.Of Course you should predict what they are looking for then you will write accordingly and you will get good website traffic. What is the current trend in web?.Three ways are there to know What people are searching in google or web.searching
1. Google Insights Search
Google Insights Search helps to provide insights into broad search patterns.And results are computed by approximations.Check here to know how to use Google Insight Search


2.Google Trends
Google Trends are best online tool to help what people are searching.

Just go to google trends and check what’s hot topics and searches.
If you want to know country wise

For Example India
It will show hot searches in India.
trends 3.Surchur
It is ultimate dashboard to right now that is passionate about what the real time web can offer.It’s algorithms based on twitter mentions, facebook shares, diggs and votes by its users to normalize results and rank web pages popular in real time.And it also a collection all trends like google trends,yahoo buzz,twitter trends €¦I hope it will answer your questions.Check the Surchur using following link.


Try Surchur


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