Google Hotel Finder – A New Way To Find Perfect Hotel

googlehotelfinder                                                                                 Google is always best site in providing free useful online services like Aardvark,Google City Tour,Google Maps, Google Dictionary, €¦etc to online users.Now Google has introduced another new useful service called Google Hotel Finder.

Hereafter we don’t want to spend more time in finding the hotels in different countries.We can use Google Hotel Finder for this.Unfortunately, you can’t book hotels using Google’s service but it will link you to other sites like Priceline,,Expedia, Travelocity.And booking reservations if they are Google advertisers, and these sites provide Google with price and availability information.
This new google service still in experimental stage.Now it is only available in United States.And this service is competes with other travel search engines.
It has some useful features like hotel room photos, information and customer reviews and star ratings.

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