How to Push Eclipse Project to GitHub

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Another useful tip for developers who like to share/upload their code to Github. Eclipse is a  most commonly used IDE by java developers.It has amazing features and plugins support.Here we will see the steps involved for How to Push Eclipse Project to Github.

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You may know about that GitHub  is a code sharing and publishing service. GitHub is a Git repository hosting service, but it adds many of its own features. GitHub provides a Web-based graphical interface to access the project.Try the following eclipse egit github tutorial.If you are blogging about Programming then I hope this post will be really useful to you to share your project code to popular hosting service.

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  Steps involved in Pushing a Eclipse Project to GitHub.

Step 0:  Configure GitHub Username

 Configure GitHub Username

Step 1: If you are using recent releases of Eclipse lie Eclipse Juno or Eclipse Kepler you don’t need download to egit separately else you need to Download a egit a plugin for Eclipse using any of these ways mentioned in this link.

1. Help -> Install New Software and Place this url

Step 2 : Create a Project which you want to push to Github and Share via your local repository.

Create or use existing eclipse project.

 Eclipse Project

Step 3:
Right Click Your Project Go to Team -> Share Project.

 Share Project

Select Git
Create New Repository
Configure New Git Project

Step 5: Right Click Your Project and Click Commit. Now your Project is available in local repository. To Upload or Push Your Project,Create a New Repository in GitHub.

Commit Project

Step 6:  Log on to GitHub and Click Repositories and Select New and Create Repository Finally you will get uri like below.

Create New Repository in GitHub

Step 7: Right Click Your Project and Select Push.

Push Project

Step 8: Paste the above URI  and Configure your username and Password.

Configure Destination Git Repository

Step 9: Click Add All Branches Spec and Press Next Button.

FinishStep10 : Check the Above Project is successfully pushed to GitHub Site.

Push Project

I hope you enjoyed the post.If you have any problems while pushing your eclipse project to GitHub please share with us using Following Comment Section.

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    Hey Mohan it was helpful. GitHub is very much resourceful and I did needed to push an eclipse project on GitHub. Cheers for sharing! :-)

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