How to Open SSH Terminal from Flex Application

I was searching for a library or flex code which should open SSH Terminal from Flex Application. Finally I achieved this implementation from following way. JCTerm is a Java VT100 terminal emulator for  SSH2. Check the JCTerm features here. You can also use JCTerm in the form of Java Web start.

Following Steps will helps you to achieve this.

1. First you need to download the download.jnlp from this location. This file something like below.


[codesyntax lang=”xml” lines=”no”]



2. Download the following jar files




3. Create folder like ssh inside that create lib folder in any drives(C/D/E).And Change the codebase attribute as per your setup.

Copy and paste the above jar files inside the lib folder.

4. Create the New Flex Project and copy the download the download.jnlp inside the src. And create lib folder inside the flex project and copy paste the jar files.

Create the flex application like below.


[codesyntax lang=”xml” lines=”no”]



5. Run the Flex Application. You will get terminal like below.

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  1. Humberto says:

    hello, is the source code available for download?

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