New Hidden Features of Facebook Chat

Facebook Chat is a one of the popular feature of Facebook but it doesn’t seems to be good as compared to other IM services like GTalk, Skype, Yahoo Messenger but still user prefer because of it’s integration with Facebook and they can be connected with their friends. But there were many in built features not got exposed to others. Here i am sharing some of the features not well versed to others.

Copy profile picture to Chat

To copy the profile picture of your friend or pages and use them as smileys in facebook chat window. Open a chat window of your friend, copy his profile s id or username of it’s profile and follow the below steps

For Example:

Profile id: The profile ID for the profile

Username: The username for the profile will be TechPages.

2. Once you copied the profile id or username go to chatbox and type that id or username within double square brackets. For example [[TechPages]] and hit enter. Now the [[TechPages]] part will show my current profile picture in the chat.

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